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Cleaning after construction

One of our main activities is post-construction cleaning. With an experienced team and references, we undertake major cleaning of industrial facilities, office buildings, museums, health and social buildings, factories, plants, post-construction or during construction, pre-commissioning cleaning of toilets. Our cleaners are highly experienced and carry out post-construction cleaning under the supervision of our company's responsible manager. 

After removing any construction debris, one of the main cleaning tasks is to remove building materials, paints, varnishes, sealants and caulking on surfaces such as windows and doors, sanitary ware, wooden structures and foil from windows. Our company has extensive experience in this field.

Using special solvents and tools, our experts remove the dirt from the affected surfaces without damaging them.

This is followed by cleaning of all surfaces, cleaning of windows, dusting and cleaning of walls, edges, tiles, tiles, sanitary ware, flooring, cleaning of cement laitance from surfaces, cleaning of tiles, sanitary ware, flooring.  This task is also perfectly carried out in hard-to-reach places, on pipework, structural elements, ceilings, using a lifting basket if necessary.

Our post-construction cleaning service always includes the cleaning of the pipework, after which we will leave you with a completely clean, dust-free room.  We do the same for post-painting and post-renovation cleaning, so the property we clean is handed over to you in a fully clean and ready-to-use condition.

Cleaning during construction

  • sitt collection  continuous  removal,

  • continuous dust removal as required,

  • changing room, WC,  water block  continuous  clean  clean

  • relative to the circumstances  ensuring a hygienic  environment .

  • hygiene products,  upload papers 

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