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Cleaning consultancy

In all cases, an essential condition for effective work is the assessment of the work to be performed by an experienced specialist and the determination of the conditions on site. The survey must cover the establishment of water and electricity supply options, movement routes and distances, as well as the possible schedule of the work.

In the case of employing our own cleaners, our consultancy work covers the following:

Creating a cleaning plan:

With the help of a detailed plan, the employee always knows exactly what his or her task is, there are no idle times and no missed sub-tasks, every minute is spent efficiently. This is beneficial  for the employer, since the complete completion of the task is guaranteed with economical use of working time.  And it takes the tasks of work organization and work scheduling off the shoulders of the employees and ensures efficient work. Organized, conscious work improves the workplace atmosphere and reduces difficulties caused by turnover.

Determination of labor demand

The biggest cost factor of cleaning work is wages, so the implementation of reasonable labor management is a key issue. In addition to the general standards, extensive experience and maximum knowledge of local conditions are also required for the practical determination of labor requirements.

Development of work schedule, work division, work organization

Without a reasonable work schedule and work organization, there is no economical labor management. Our consultants undertake to develop a work schedule and task allocation for the cleaning staff, which will ensure that there are no downtimes, everyone always knows their task and they are able to complete the maximum amount of work in a given time. The organization of the cleaning work also covers the avoidance of disturbing the producer's activities and the determination of the tools and chemicals necessary for cleaning.

Training of cleaners and managers:

Effective cleaning is based on well-trained human resources. Therefore, it is extremely important that the colleagues who perform the work are constantly provided with up-to-date professional knowledge. Our goal is to train suitably qualified professionals through the transfer of the most modern cleaning technologies. Unfortunately, cleaning companies and cleaning departments are increasingly affected by the fluctuation in the labor market, which can be countered with continuous education in addition to a cleaning plan.

Rationalization of chemical and tool use

Quality and cost-effective cleaning work can only be done with modern tools and effective agents. Our company monitors the latest cleaning trends appearing on the world market and we try to apply the latest innovations in practice. If required, we recommend the use of microfiber cloths, mops and cleaning carts. We recommend the introduction of the color-coded cleaning system to everyone, which makes work easier and safer.

Auditing, development of control points, correction of errors that occur

A regular quality check is crucial for all work. Based on our own survey, we develop a system of control points, the control of which shows a quick and real picture of the general state of the cleaning performed, and we carry out random audits as needed. We summarize the experienced results and make a proposal to eliminate possible deficiencies.

Reduce your costs!

Let's make a cleaning plan!

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