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Chemical-free cleaning of windows, glass surfaces, facades up to 16m

What can we clean?

Buildings' entire sandblasting, glass surfaces, windows, canopies, shading elements, lamellas, Lindab solar panels, corrugated board, polycarbonate and sandwich panel surfaces, natural or artificial stone surfaces.

What do we clean with?

State-of-the-art cleaning technology without chemicals, heated osmosis water. Osmosis water is perfectly clean water free of minerals, metals, bacteria and algae, therefore  it has extraordinary cleaning power on all surfaces. 

Indoor Cleaning

What technique do we use?

Up to 16 m from the ground, we use carbon tubes that can be slid into each other and brushes suitable for the surface, without a stand, lift or alpine technique. Tubes made of specially shaped carbon fiber fabric can be slid into each other, and can be released and pulled apart with a simple push of a button.

Our brushes for cleaning horizontal and vertical brushes, windowsill brushes, pillars, lindab surfaces, polycarbonate and other coverings effectively remove dirt. With each brush type, the osmosis water enters the brush head directly.

In case of cleaning buildings over 16 meters high, our team of qualified industrial alpinists is available.

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