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Floor Cleaner

Industrial seasonal and regular cleaning

The smartest decision regarding industrial cleaning is to contact a professional.


The answer is simple!

  • the tasks associated with industrial cleaning usually occur periodically or occasionally, so you do not need to maintain staff or employ your own staff, we provide well-trained staff,

  • we have the special tools needed to perform special tasks

  • our employees are experienced professionals, so they finish in less time,

  • we pay extra attention to the observance of occupational safety rules and the prevention of occupational accidents

  • we carry out our work in an environmentally conscious way, in compliance with the relevant environmental regulations!


Main areas where we can help you within the framework of industrial cleaning


Industrial facilities, warehouses, production halls

The side walls, structural elements, and ceilings of the buildings are cleaned by our professional employees using a lifting basket machine and, if necessary, using alpine technology. We also undertake the cleaning and dedusting of hatches and overhead utility lines. We fully comply with all work and accident prevention regulations.

If the work in the building requires it, we can also perform DUSTLESS  cleaning of the structures. We have the preparation and equipment required for this.

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Cleaning food industry plants, production lines, kitchens with 100% germ removal

  • dairy industry

  • meat industry and poultry processing industry

  • canning industry

  • milling industry and grain processing

  • baking industry and confectionery

  • sugar production

  • confectionery industry

  • vegetable oil industry

Beer Brewery Machine

Cleaning of machines and equipment found in industry

  • cleaning robots

  • casting machines, moulds, mold cleaning

  • cleaning of press machines and tools

  • cleaning of industrial ovens and hot air dryers

  • cleaning templates and jigs used for welding

  • cleaning of packaging equipment and their service machines

  • cleaning of rubber industry, machines and baking molds

  • asphalt machines, bitumen removal

  • chemical and pharmaceutical equipment

  • cleaning and deburring of plastic industry, processing and production machines

Industrial Building

Cleaning of industrial facilities, sites and tanks

The specialists of our company have gained a lot of experience in the professional execution of very special works. We have all the necessary qualifications for safe work,   protective devices and protective equipment.

With our high-pressure steam shavers, we offer an environmentally friendly solution for removing oily and greasy dirt without the use of chemicals.

about the food industry


In addition to cleaning, disinfection is always a very important aspect of cleaning food facilities, as foodstuffs have to meet very strict microbiological standards.  In addition to organic and inorganic contaminants and deposits, viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and other pathogens must also be destroyed. For this reason, we always use a combination of cleaning and disinfection agents in the food industry, because they contain both cleaning and disinfecting compounds.  The advantage is that cleaning and disinfection can be carried out in one step, saving time, energy and money.

In the food industry, no residues can be left behind in the cleaned areas, so either degradable agents must be used or the surfaces must be rinsed with potable water after cleaning. Cleaning operations in food production areas, whether carried out by external contractors or by in-house workers, should only be carried out by well-trained workers.  If there is a change in technology, such as the use of a new chemical, training should be provided to workers in the areas affected by the change. In all our work, we use colour-coded cleaning to distinguish areas and colour-code the tools used, preventing sensitive surfaces from being contaminated by tools used in other areas. In the food industry, the range of products manufactured, the type of technology and equipment used and the layout of the premises play an important role in the choice of cleaning solutions.  For example, different cleaning techniques are used in the dairy industry compared to a meat processing plant or a bakery.  The biggest difference between industries is the choice of open or closed cleaning methods and whether we are talking about dry or wet cleaning.

Cleaning Services
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