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cleaning products

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies

Our wholly Hungarian-owned company deals with the production and distribution of self-developed, high-quality and at the same time economical cleaning products, as well as the sale of paper goods and cleaning tools.

We set high standards for our raw material suppliers in order to be able to serve our customers with top-quality, modern products.

That's why we purchase the raw materials from the world's most modern chemical manufacturers, primarily from the Netherlands. It is important to be able to continuously follow customer needs and to respond to them as quickly as possible, to satisfy their needs with the best products and high-quality services.

To achieve our goals, we work with colleagues who are aware of the necessity of continuous development, customer satisfaction and the importance of preventing environmental pollution. As a goal, we have set a commitment to quality and environmental protection, as well as the intention to increase customer satisfaction.

We tested our products in plants, factories, and large facilities in large kitchens based on the needs of our customers. If the tested product did not have the expected effect, we naturally improved it for perfect efficiency. This is how we achieved the result that allows us to be among the best manufacturers in Hungary.

Nowadays, effective cleaning agents and disinfectants are essential, since cleanliness is a basic requirement, and in addition, many regulations must be met. It is not easy to find cleaning staff on the labor market either, so it does not matter what effective cleaning agent or quality cleaning tool they work with.

Professional users know our cleaning products because they are easy and fast
you can work with them, "because the cleaning agent works, not the cleaner". Together with cleaning companies, other manufacturers and suppliers, we support each other and strive for cooperation.

The cleaning agents have a safety data sheet, and the disinfectants, of course, also have an OTH permit. Our customers can get cleaning products at an extremely favorable manufacturer's price, without retail and wholesale margins.
(the delivery is made directly from the factory, free of charge)

Our continuously trained regional representatives demonstrate the simple and economical use of the products to prospective customers. Before using cleaning products, we provide training on the cleaning products to be used, as required. We also provide the cleaning staff with simple, clear instructions for use, which makes it easier and simpler to use chemicals on a daily basis. (also in printed form)

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