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Organization of cleaning

In addition to cleaning with our own employees and using an external cleaning company, our company also offers a third, innovative solution for cleaning tasks that combines the advantages of the two methods.

Working Together on Project

The essence of the method...

...that the staff will remain in their own employ, but we will fully assume the professional management and the associated responsibility.

We carry out a full  assessment of the tasks, in addition to training the employees, we organize rational work, use cost-effective chemicals and tools, and by carrying out continuous checks with our own people, we guarantee continuous flawless cleanliness that meets the customer's needs.

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In this way, we can continuously guarantee a result that is significantly cheaper than the cleaning performed by an external company and significantly more professional and of better quality than the cleaning work previously performed by our own people.

It is important to be empowered to manage, select and motivate employees, but by ensuring efficient, conscious and predictable work, turnover can also be reduced, which will result in further cost reductions due to the reduction of educational tasks.

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